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Crawfordsville, Washington County
Directions: Go 1.75 miles south and 2 miles east of Crawfordsville on the Washington/Louisa county-line road.


198 acres


Southeast Iowa Agricultural Research Association

Association President

Paul Hemingway
5544 280th Street, NE
Iowa City, IA 52240


The association purchased the farm in 1987.


Kevin VanDee
(319) 658-2353 office and FAX

Agro-Climatic Zone

Southeast Iowa


Land is flat to slightly sloping. Predominant soils are:

2-9 percent slope, moderately well-drained, occurs on side slopes

0-2 percent slope, poorly drained, occurs on broad upland flats

1-3 percent slope, somewhat poorly drained, occurs on ridges and uplands


Crops. Researchers study corn, soybeans and small grains (wheat and oats). Other studies focus on tillage methods, pest management, fertilizer placement, herbicide carryover and water quality.

Soils. Researchers study soil fertility and soil management systems. Agronomists study nutrient requirements of area crops and apply nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and lime to observe crop yield response to the nutrients. In addition, researchers evaluate the effectiveness of tile drainage systems.

Other studies. The Iowa Nut Growers Association has established a demonstration site on the farm and the U.S. Soil Conservation Service is evaluating native grasses at the site.