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Calmar, Winneshiek County


400 acres (includes 200 leased acres)


Northeast Iowa Community-Based Dairy Foundation and Northeast Iowa Community College


The Northeast Iowa Community-Based Dairy Foundation was formed in 1999 to encourage dairy research in Northeast Iowa. The farm is milking 200 cows with plans for an additional 80-cow grazing facility.

Agro-Climatic Zone

Northeast Iowa


Soils of the region consist of narrow ridges and moderate to steep sideslopes of the Fayette soil association.


Two kinds of milking parlors and four manure-handling systems are used for demonstrations. Animal-managment demonstrations also are conducted.


The facilities consist of an eight-stall herringbone parlor, an eight-stall parallel parlor, a 144-stall free stall barn and a 30-stall free stall special needs barn with three-bedded maternity pens.