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Neely-Kinyon Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm



Adair County

Directions: Go 2 miles south of Greenfield on Highway 25, 1 mile east and a half mile north.

2557 Norfolk Ave.
Greenfield, IA 50849


160 acres


Wallace Foundation for Rural Research and Development


A group visits the research farm. ISU Research Farms host 15,000 visitors annually for field days, tours and learning experiences.


The Wallace Foundation was formed in 1990 to enhance agricultural research and education for southwest Iowa. A donation of a 160-acre farm in Adair County by Wayne and Margaret Neely in 1994 established the Neely-Kinyon Research Farm. The farm is managed as a satellite of the Armstrong Research Farm.


Gently to strongly sloping well-drained loess soils characterize the area. Predominant soils are:

9 to 30 percent slope, moderately well-drained glacial till derived soil, occurring on upland side slopes

2 to 9 percent slope, moderately well-drained soils formed from loess.


Long-term organic crop plots are located at the Neely-Kinyon Farm.

Research & Demonstrations

The farm researches and demonstrates alternative agricultural approaches that are environmentally sound and have a positive impact on the community.

Organic crops. A 17-acre block of 40 quarter-acre plots is dedicated to organic research. Plant, soil, pest, grain quality and economic performance of organic and conventional systems are studied.

Soils. The topography of the area makes soil erosion, cropping rotation and tillage research important. There is ongoing monitoring of soil quality for the organic research.

livestock. Researchers study sustainable livestock production. Studies include rotational grazing of beef cattle and pasture supplemented feeding strategies.


In addition to the plots and pasture, the farm has a machinery storage building. An erosion control structure was completed in 1997 and new fencing was added recently.