Iowa State University
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence in Agriculture at Iowa State
In 1858, the seed that grew into today's Iowa State University was planted. That year, the Iowa Legislature chartered the Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm. As a land-grant institution, Iowa State was founded primarily to provide practical education in agriculture and mechanic arts.
"Today, the College of Agriculture is one of the world's leading institutions of agriculture, providing leadership in science, education and extension," said Wintersteen. "Our nearly 34,000 living alumni are making a difference for Iowa, the nation and the world."
Iowa State's 150th birthday bash will span an entire year. The fun began with the Veishea celebration in April and runs through spring 2008.
When Iowa State was established, the first agriculture courses focused on animal husbandry, agronomy and horticulture. Other practical studies were added, such as the nation's first forestry course in 1874, dairying in 1880 and the world's first agricultural engineering program in 1905.
Today, the College of Agriculture offers many directions for people interested in careers in animal and plant sciences, life sciences, biotechnology, environmental protection, biorenewable resources, business, education, technology and manufacturing, sustainable food production, global development and much more.